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// Illustrationen
// Video, Found Footage
// Modell
// 2020

Sah ein Mensch ein Wisent steh'n

* documenta Halle, Kassel

* 09.12.–16.12.2020

* Wisents are European bisons that disappeared from Eurasia at the end of the twenties because of cultivation of their habitats and hunting them into extinction. In recent years, a handful wisents have been reintroduced in European National Parks and large-scale forests. The goal of this effort is coexistence between humans and wisents in countryside regions. But sympathizers and critics fight: The animals travel beyond manmade borders, eat the bard of tress from private properties and frighten joggers and der dogs with their appearance.

My work refers to the dilemma of a release effort. I attempt to create a questionable utopia of a shared habitat through models and drawings.

Katalog EXAMEN 2019